Sahaja Yoga

In the present live wire business environment, the biggest challenge for the organizational development professionals is striking balance between keeping their employees satisfied and retained while deriving optimum work output. Billions of dollars are spent every year towards achieving this objective globally.

Over thousands of years, India has perfected the system of human resource development so that the person becomes fully functional and high output contributor. This system is called Yoga. Developing this system into a simple & spontaneous process, Sahaja Yoga meditation, aims at bringing its benefits for the integrated mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development of an individual so that he or she evolves into a high performance professional and balanced social contributor.

Sahaja Yoga meditation, founded by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970, is a simple way of meditation that connects us to our Self and has the potential to transform us into joyful, happy and satisfied personalities free from anxieties, tensions, insecurity and the sheen of superficiality. Meditation in the state of thoughtless awareness gives us balance by keeping our attention in present and nourishes our subtle energy centers (chakras) (see diagram above) that are responsible for our ultimate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

The various benefits regular meditators in thoughtless awareness enjoy are:

ü  Health improves spontaneously and there is a sense of being fully functioning and fully alive without any outside stimulation.

  •   Anxiety & Stress is replaced by confidence and calmness when handling pressure situations or jobs.
  •   Relationships become harmonious and our interactions are at a deeper level.
  •   Our behavior expresses pure joy and happiness.
  •   There is improvement in memory, concentration, creativity, sharpened analytical ability and even the work atmosphere
  •   Spontaneous dropping off of any addictions
  •   Gain of depth of understanding of one’s self and environment & promise of attaining the highest level of awareness


The source of reaching this thoughtless awareness state is Kundalini Awakening. Kundalini resides in the Sacrum bone of the spinal column of every human from the birth. When She is awakened She crosses the chakras, located in our spinal chord and pierces through our fontanel bone, the Sahasrara Chakra at the top of our head and unites us with the All Pervading Divine power. The connection can be felt as a cool breeze on top of head and the palm of hands. Kundalini awakening is the experience of self realization and is the second birth, the key theme of many religious and spiritual practices all over the world. It takes us into the state of thoughtless awareness which is the state of complete peace, joy and reality.


Many other Sahaja techniques further help in removing the harmful effects of our daily pressure environment and making us peaceful and transforming our personality, thereby improving our capabilities. When the seven energy centers in professionals are fully operational through Kundalini awakening and subsequent Sahaja Yoga meditation, the age old personal values such as Wisdom, Creativity, Self-mastery, Dynamism, Self Confidence, Diplomacy, Forgiveness etc which are missing in the present business environment, can be inculcated back in the individuals at the corporate level on stable basis.