Invitation for THE EASTERN REGIONAL SEMINAR AND SHRI KRISHNA PUJA 2017, Bodh Gaya, Bihar from 17th to 20th Aug

Dear Sahaji Family,

By the grace of our Beloved and Divine Mother H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, *THE EASTERN REGIONAL SEMINAR AND SHRI KRISHNA PUJA 2017* is schedule to be held *at Bodh Gaya in Bihar from 17th August to 20th August 2017*. The puja venue is about 15KM from Gaya Railway Station & 13KM from Gaya Airport.
We cordially invite all of you to this Seminar and Puja so that together we can expand our hearts with love to encompass the entire universe, the creation of our Beloved and Divine Mother and to pray HH Shrimataji to help us in becoming part & parcel of the Virat at Bodh Gaya, “The Spiritual and Historical City, where Gautam Buddha got enlightenment ”
Seminar Contribution
Date Adults Yuva Shakti
(From 12 to 25 Yrs) Child
(From 6 to 11 Yrs) Children’s below 6 years are Free

Up to 07 th August 2017 1100.00 600.00 400.00
At the Seminar Site 1300.00 700.00 500.00

Note :
1. If confirmation about arrival to Administration Team (mail id is sent by 05th August, extra amount will not be taken at Seminar Site Registration.

2. Please do not deposit seminar contribution in the account after 05th August.

Registration amount as per the above details may please be deposited EITHER DIRECTLY IN *Account No. “31230312188” in the name of H.H. SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI SAHAJA YOGA TRUST BIHAR PATNA”*, Branch-Boring Raod (Patna), Alankar Place (Branch Code- 001435) OR BY NEFT/RTGS in above account: IFSC code is: SBIN0001435 (5th, 6th & 07th character is zero).

The detail circular will be sent soon. Kindly disseminate this information to all City Centres & Rural Centres within your State and put the circular on the notice board of your respective SY Centres so that interested seekers may be able to book railway journey reservation well in advance.

With love & regards. Jai Shri Mataji.

(Kishore Kumar Das)
State Coordinator, Bihar.
*Our Hon. Guest- Lt.Gen. V.K. Kapoor*, *Romel sir and Sadhna Didi & *Sri. Kulkarni sir*

*Music Performer- Sri Deepak Verma* and *Sri Mukhiram & Group*

🙏🌹All Sahji Heartily Welcome🌹🙏

THE EASTERN REGIONAL SEMINAR AND SHRI KRISHNA PUJA 2017 is scheduled to be held at Bodh Gaya in Bihar from 17th August to 20th August 2017.

Dear All Center Coordinators, Yuva Shakti Coordinators and other Coordinators,

Jai Shri Mataji.

As you are already aware that by the grace of our Beloved and Divine Mother H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, THE EASTERN REGIONAL SEMINAR AND SHRI KRISHNA PUJA 2017 is scheduled to be held at Bodh Gaya in Bihar from 17th August to 20th August 2017.

I fervently invite you and your team of sahaja brothers & sisters to join us in this Seminar & Puja.

The Hawan will be in the evening of 17th August and Shri Krishna Puja will start at 09.30AM on 20th August. The detail circular has already been sent to you by mail/ whatsapp.

Our earnest desire is that we all the collectivity of entire Bihar State come together at Bodh Gaya and perform Shri Krishna Puja collectively. We also desire that collectivity of Bihar must enhance their Nirmal Vidya to attain spiritual growth and hence we have invited Shri Vijay Kapoor (Retd. Lt. Gen.) and Shri Kulkarni Sahab from M.P. for conducting seminars and they have consented to come at Bodh Gaya.

Further, we desire that we will sing and dance together in front of Shri Mataji to please our mother and therefore we have invited expert musician Shri Deepak Verma & Shri Mukhi Ram for musical program. We also invite singers and other artists from your center to perform during musical program.

For fulfilling our above desires we have decided to take minimum contribution for attending the four days Seminar & Puja i.e. Rs.1100/- for Adult, Rs.600/- for Yuva and Rs.400/- for Child.

It is, therefore, requested to please do not organize Shri Krishna Puja at your Center and motivate all the collectivity of your center to come at Bodh Gaya to perform puja altogether.

Jai Shri Mataji.

(Kishore Kumar Das)
State Coordinator, Bihar

Invitation for State Level Collective Shri Krishna Puja-Cum Seminar 2016

Attachment –Shri Krishna Puja Circular- GAYA (1)


With great pleasure, this is to inform you that by the grace of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, “STATE LEVEL COLLECTIVE SHRI KRISHNA PUJA-CUM-SEMINAR” is going to be organized by BIHAR SAHAJA YOGA from 27th to 28th August 2016 at Gaya.

All Sahaji brothers & sisters are cordially invited to participate in this Puja-cum-seminar. It is also requested to kindly inform to all Sahaji brothers & sisters of your center/area.

Venue : City Public School, Gaya-Nawada Road, Shikhar , Manpur, (Near Poddar International School) Gaya-823002 (Bihar) invitation krishna puja

Seminar Contribution (Inclusive Puja Money) :
Adult – Rs.500/-
Yuva – Rs.300/- (12-25 years)
Child – Rs.150/- (06-11 years)

For detail information, kindly contact your center/city coordinator or contact to below mentioned persons:
Name of contact person Mob./Whatsup E-mail id
Smt. Soni Devi, 9155562552
Shri Ajit Chauhan, 9931079760
Shri Satyadev Mehta, 9431224515
Shri Durgesh Kr. Sinha 9334405210

(K.K. DAS)
BIHAR Mob.-9431141697

New Coordination Committee for Bihar Sahaja Yoga

State Coordinator :- Shri Kishore Kumar Das , 9431146197

Permanent Invitees:- Shri B. N. Tiwari, 9415314298

                                         Shri Jagadish Mahato, 9431813762


Members of State Coordination Committee:-

  1. Shri Durgesh Kumar Sinha, Ex-Officio Member, 9334405210
  2. Shri Jitendra Rai, Patna, 9308377328
  3. Shri Neeraj Kumar Vidyarthi, Patna, 7870343683
  4. Shri Manoj Kumar Vidyarthi, Patna, 7870622216
  5. Shri Satyadev Mehata, Gaya, 9431224515
  6. Shri Rama Kant Nigam, Bihar Sharif, 9204457363
  7. Shri Ravi Ranjan, Ara, 9431820351
  8. Shri B. P. Singh, Hajipur, 8521126975
  9. Shri Pushpalata Shrivastava, Muzzaffarpur, 9308215110
  10. Shri Jawahar Bhagat, Saharsa, 8986915287


Finance Committee:-

  1. Shri Manoj Kumar Vidyarthi, Patna, 7870622216
  2. Shri Gopal Bihari, 9334952316
  3. Shri Saket Kumar, 9470247606


Yuvashakti Coordinator:-

  1. Shri Shailesh Kumar Vidyarthi, 7277385148


Prachar Prashar Committee Coordinator:-

  1. Shri Ravi Ranjan, Ara, 9431820351


Communication Committee Coordinator:-

  1. Shri Vinay Kumar, Patna City, 9334731616


The Coordinators of Yuvashakti , Prachar Prashar and Communication Committee will form there Separate team in consultation with the State Coordinator.





State Coordinators
ALL Members of Yuva Committee (incl State Yuva Coordinators)
City coordinators

Mrs Manisha Lokre


24 AND 25 JAN 2016


Dear All, Jai Shri Mataji

We are planning a National Yuva Seminar at Nanded (Maharashtra) in the month of January 2016 namely on 24 and 25  Jan 2016.

All Sahaja Yuvas and Yogins and elder Sahaja Yogis who wish to attend this seminar are cordially invited to experience the spiritual and related benefits that will accrue from this seminar.

The dates chosen are such that with 26 Jan being a closed government holiday on account of Republic day, will give an opportunity to even working Yuvas/ Yogins/ Sahaja Yogis to take one day i.e.25 Jan (Monday) holiday from their respective places of work and combine the days from 23 Jan (Saturday) till 26 Jan 2016 (Tuesday). Thus by holding the seminar on 24 and 25 Jan 2016, the Yuvas will also be able to cover their movements (to and from their locations) to NANDED within this period.


Nanded has been chosen for the following reasons:

  1. a)The month of January is likely to be cold in North India but the climate in Maharashtra is likely to be temperate.
  2. b)Shri Guru Gobind  Singh Ji, Huzur Sahib Nanded, as you are all aware is a famous pilgrimage centre of India and the Gurdwara Committee at Nanded has already accepted to give us all the accommodation required at very nominal cost. This is an important factor because it will reduce the cost of holding the event considerably.
  3. c)Marathwada region of Maharashtra lags behind other regions and hence we need to spread divine vibrations here to ensure the progress of this region.
  4. d)The collectivity of Nanded has been very humbly and sincerely requesting for a Yuva Seminar here for the past three months.

A reconnaissance of Nanded has already been done by Shri MB Kulkarni and his team from Pune to verify the facts on the ground and they are satisfied with the location.

Rail/Air Reservations

The above instructions are being issued to facilitate all Sys in reserving their seats/berths by rail /air. Superfast/ Express trains run directly to Nanded from all corners of the country and Yuvas are requested to do their reservations at the earliest.

Air reservations at present can be done upto Aurangabad and beyond that you will have to undertake a 3 to 4 hour road journey to Nanded.

Arrival/ Departure

Sahaja Yuvas/S. Yogins/Sahaja Yogis may come in by the evening of 23 Jan and leave by 26 Jan (FN).  

Arrival/departure details should be sent to the Nanded Collective. The e mail ID of the Coordinator, Mrs Manisha Lokre is: Her cell number is 9175462784 and 9689359827.

Detailed Instructions of Transport and Accomodation

Details of local transport arrangements at Nanded and accommodation at Nanded will be issued by Nanded Collective at the earliest and sent to the National Trust office for further dissemination to the States and the Centres.

Seminar Charges

Rs 500/- per Yuva/Yogin/Sahaja Yogi only for the entire period. Will be collected in Nanded. 

No additional charges will be levied from those who come early on 23 Jan and leave later i.e. 26 Jan.

State Coordinators / Yuva Coordinators

You are requested to kindly disseminate this circular widely so that all those  who are interested can plan their journey at the earliest.

Subjects to be Covered During the Seminar

  1. a)Fundamentals of Sahaja Yoga and SY Meditation including  Deep meditation.
  2. b)Roles and tasks of Nirmal Shakti Yuva Sangh.
  3. c) Personality development of Yuvas – How to develop a Sahaja personality ?
  4. d)Establishment of Shri Ganesha Tatwa and  Shri Laxmi Tatwa.
  5. e)Importance of Collectivity.
  6. f)Importance of Attention and how to stabilize the attention.
  7. g)How to relate Sahaja Yoga to our daily life.
  8. h)Leader (Coordinator) in Sahaja Yoga.
  9. i)Simple Sahaja Cures for ailments and diseases and how to prevent diseases through Sahaja Kriyas.
  10. j)Sahaja Prachar and Prasar – methodology and conduct with different audiences.
  11. k)Questions and Answers – Questions by Yuvas and Answers also by Yuvas moderated by a team of elders.
  12. l)Indoor Games for Yuvas/Yogins.


Our Love and Deep regards

Lt Gen VK Kapoor (Retd)

National Yuva Committee